Saturday, April 9, 2011

fatty bom-bom

will try to get a umbrella stroller asap.. smth really light <5kg, preferably 3pt recliner, 5pt harness

i know maclaren has a wide choices but most model are heavy too

let me know if there's any good recommendation pls?

maid will b leaving in a couple mre months, she have this serious spinal problem which require operation

so in future gotta take care lucas 100% like carrying him carrying stroller, e weigh is straining on her

but she've been of really great help to the whole family

praying that e new maid will be jus as fantastic !

my darling is so chubby <3

greatest love

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1st Zoo trip

went to the zoo on saturday, which was also my 23rd birthday, its free for kids under 3yrs & free for birthday girls/boys of ALL ages..

so yeah.. i save a couple of bucks for better use later part in the day

i must say despite the humid weather for the passed few weeks, the weather was particularly cloudy that day, no sorching sun burning on us.

and the drizzle & short rain took place only when ive decided to make our way out :)


nevertheless, i went prepared with umbrella, stroller coat for lucas, sunblock & mosquito repellent

we took a short break at "ahmeng restaurant" after the splash performance to feed lucas his lunch

not long after lunch, lucas fell aslp while i took a break n nearly fell aslp too! :p

we moved on to checking out other animals after lucas wokeup from short nap

he was really curious about all the animals!

finally our last stop!

KidzWorld !!! lucas had hell lots of fun there & i had a great time laughing, snapping photos of him

carousel ride for a start & he really enjoyed it

refusing to get down you know!

Water Splash!

not scare one okay. once down e slide he'll run faster than me up e stairs getting ready to go down again

recently, he totally enjoy playing in water. even during bath time, i only need to tell him, he'll rush to e bathroom quickly cant wait to jump inside e tub

ended our zoo trip with his final carousel ride!

n this time i really let off my hands n allow him to play while holding e handle tightly. and he DID IT!


i really have a awesome birthday together with my dearest!

greatest love

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darling's Development till 14months

Of recent, Lucas improve very much.. from dietary, vocabs, expressing his emotions, etc

But then there r still lots i need to educate e right concept into Lucas

He calls me mama, and he can call out to granny AhMa, at other times he'll imitate us alot and i notice his mouth trying to speak out

His very spoiled already by i dono who cos if he doesnt get his way he'll roll on e floor n fuss about it, till someone pacifies him

and, his very good at complaining to me when someone makes him unhappy

been sleeping independently inside playpen during naps, nomore rocker

climb high low, seriously giving heartattack

will try to update more bit by bits

greatest love

Friday, February 11, 2011

grownup boy

i haven updated for a longlong time
and Lucas is already 1year
just celebrate his 1st birthday before cny

doesnt his smile just melt your heart? <3

he greets me MaMa
he noe where to source for comfort
he will look for his chouchou when i handsew for him

can listen to instructions suchas;
•where chouchou/chuchu/mickey/barney/meowmeow/wohwoh/carcar & toy?
•sit down
•chorchor carcar we goin gaigai

Lucas nowadays if he wants smth n he doesnt gets them he will cry n squat there n lose his temper
but right when u imitate him, he will endup laughing bcos he noes tts him u r trying to copy

bigboy hurr?
not only tat.. he alrdy learned to throw things out of window & gate BUT strangely when i giv him money he will hold on tightly and refuse to return u

baby 2nd cny

this is our 2nd cny together, and this year Lucas has grown so much..

the above was taken on day1.. totally loved this pic cause baby can pose well & more expressive on his emotions

he was e star of the day
all his yiyi jiu granduncle grandaunt just laugh at his every little action

Day2, a family tradition to spend at godma's place e entire day

this year lohei is soooo huge
hopefully e pineapple can let everyone Huat ah!

you can reject his bubbly smile meh?

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Monday, November 22, 2010


the reason why im posting this because ive tried it for the first time last night and im very much satisfied by the results this morning...

being a mummy, especially if u have a child very attached to you. there's basically not much time you have to do your skincare

therefore, this mask does the job as you sleep
time saving yet efficient

it is moist when u apply it on but it takes only a short 10-15mins for it to slightly dry up
so meanwhile u jus sleep lie flat okay

i wokeup n rub my cheeks with my palm
it seriously felt smoother

and i stare hard in the mirror n i became fairer REALLY

i think you should really giv it a try
my other normal routine is jus bio-essence toner n serum
btw! i jus switch to bio-essence slightly 1-2months back n im totally in love with their toner already

the festive season bring about lots of promotions
basically at watsons, john little, ntuc the price is slightly difference by $1 +/-
and u get to earn points from all the above

it overal a 30% off the usual price now :))